Npact is the one-stop destination to get a solution to your legal queries. Npact has onboard, an experienced team of legal professionals to serve you. Going further, we would like to specify here that each practice area is taken care of by our dedicated expert lawyers who are proficient practitioners in the respective vertical. Npact has on offer, a complete range of legal solutions along with consultation services for Criminal Suites to GST to Income Tax etc. You demand it, and we have it! At Npact, we maintain a corporate structure and approach that facilitates in the streamlining of the processes and their smooth running, thus ensuring result oriented services to our clients.

With our experience through all these years, we know that it is not only about the laws. That’s the reason our legal team takes the help of relevant tribunal references, results, case studies, Supreme Court judgments etc., to resolve cases for you. We focus on having effective communication with the concerned authority/body/stakeholders, with the sole objective of achieving the desired results for you, and thus resolve your grievances.

Our aim is, and we always strive to attain the desired results for our clients, in the quickest possible time. For that, we invest and emphasize on carrying out thorough research and analysis prior to the litigation process. It helps to avoid a lengthy litigation, while reducing its cost at the same time. Valuable advice, cost effective and timely delivered legal services is what we provide.

With multiple tribunals such as the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal, National Company Law Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal for Foreign Exchange etc., existing in the Indian judiciary system, legal proceedings in each one of these demand a certain kind of expertise along with experience from the law practitioners. Knowing this, we have in place, dedicated legal experts whose job is to escalate your disputes to the concerned authorities and tribunals, to have them resolved. Their tribunal specific experience would come in handy during the hearings of your cases and get the decision in your favour. At Npact, get it done from the tribunal experts.

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